Comedy: Neil Mullarkey ­ Don't be Needy, be Succeedy, Assembly Rooms

By Steve Jelbert

Playing the truly terrifying motivational speaker extraordinaire L Vaughan Spencer, Neil Mullarkey is hyperactive, simultaneously patronising and terrorising the audience. Leaving no cliché unturned in his quest to turn us into "succeeders", L Vaughan, aka L-Vo, the gangster motivator, resorts to rapping so poor that even Fringe audiences might notice.

This rapid-fire attack is as wearing as a real workplace seminar, but through sheer chutzpah Mullarkey just about pulls it off. If you can bear the sight of a hairstyle combining two fashion faux pas (it's best described as a "pony mullet"), this could be your show. Just don't sit in the front row. Of course, the real joke is that people like Mullarkey's awful creation are making thousands a day flaunting wisdom no more profound than this.

Venue 3: 20.00 (1hr), to 26 Aug, 0131-226 2428