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This blog is to let you into some of the secrets of what I actually do. Much of my time is spent with organizations, showing them how improv skills could be applicable in their day to day lives.

This work was recently covered in BBC Radio 4′s In Business and BBC World Service’s Global Business and even made it on to Tom Peters’ blog. This was very gratifying since I am immensely proud of it. I really enjoy it too, and feel much more comfortable in that environment rather than the world of TV and radio panel games.

After a decade, I have begun to understand what makes some organizations work well and some not. In improv, there are a few simple rules, which everyone knows and everyone follows. The same cannot be said of many organizations.

More info at ImprovYourBiz.com

2 comments to OK Here we go

  • Chris

    I’ve just seen your piece on CarPool.

    What started out as ‘who? couldn’t Robert find someone famous?’ to ‘it’s him, I remember now’. After a brief loop around ‘wow, he was instrumental to my ideas of comedy’ I ended up at ‘he could really make a difference to the environment I create at work’.

    A genuinely informative and amusing interview. I’m off to have alook around your websites to see if you do public courses.

  • Neil

    Chris… I enjoyed your loop. Do take a look at to see what I do with organisations. And I hope to see you soon in London on a Wednesday or Sunday with

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