(Hello – these are a few notes, just to jog your memory if you were there, or spark your interest if you weren’t …Neil)

Impact: Where does it reside? Why so important?

An organisation is a social process. Not a thing, not an entity at all. In scientific terms, an organisation cannot be said to exist at all. Far less be like a machine.

An organisation is a series of processes of interactive communications – that’s improv! It is constantly being created through social interactions.
Leaders are “in charge but not in control” (Phil Streatfield).
Leaders need to connect with people, be influenced by as well as influence others. They need to continually respond and update.

“The meaning of a gesture is in the response” George Herbert Mead 1934

Ten Tweaks to Help Your Personal Impact (all beginning with L – hurrah)

1. Logistics
Get there early – so you can make it your territory
Prepare: left brain (where to sit, find socket, set up laptop) & right brain (clothes, visualisation)
Networking event: have some targets in mind.

2. Learn:  Learn names in advance. ”A man’s name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in the English language.” CARNEGIE   Learn about the other person. Become genuinely interested in them.

3. Look: Good eye contact linked to being seen as sincere and friendly.

4, Listen:
What stops us listening?
Real listening: much of our reaction to others comes from memory. A stored reaction not a fresh response. There is a difference between thinking and thoughts. Intelligence – inter and legere; “to gather between”.

5. Link:
“Talk in terms of the other man’s interest” CARNEGIE
Link now to what they said. and link back to older offers
Yes And rather than… Yes But

6. Let:
Things you disagree with: let them pass.
” The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it… Never tell a man he is wrong.” CARNEGIE
Trying to sell by telling the customer he or she is wrong to love their current product or service won’t work.
Let the other person talk about him/herself.
What is the outcome you want?
Let there be gaps: Use of pause/silence

7. Lighten:
OK to use humour
Smiling and nodding bring good reactions

8. Like
Assume you like the other person and they like you.
Find something you share: establish that you are alike.

9. Limbs
Hands: open palms tend to be persuasive
Think Status: assertive not aggressive Body Language

10. Leave well:
Good finish
Eye contact
Be the one to finish the encounter
At a networking event, pass them on to someone else
Give a promise to call and/or a business card

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